D Pharmacy 1st Year Question Papers 2015-2023 PDF

Winter 2022

Summer 2022

Winter 2019

Summer 2019

Winter 2018

Summer 2018

Winter 2017

Summer 2017

D Pharmacy Old Question Papers


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  1. In these questions paper’s are really best and revised to we really thanking team to u
    And all students wish u bright and successfull life in classic future…

  2. hi, these all are the papers what actually i want, searching for three months and now got that,
    thank you and god bless you

  3. Thank you so much very good job,
    Can we get questions sorted according to how many times they are repeated in last.
    Like important question.
    As syllabus is changed…

  4. I need d pharma 1st yr sample question papers of 2021-23 which followed new syllabus of bangalore university. I need social pharmacy, pharmacogonosy, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics and human anatomy & phisiology sample question papers.

  5. I need 2019 questions papers Jo BTE ne. krwaye the written me . If u can help me so please did this 🙏🙏🙏
    UP, Aligarh

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