SLET preparation tips: Tricks to ace the examination hassle-free

The SLET (State Level Eligibility Test) is a standardized admission test for candidates who aspire to serve as a teacher in the North-Eastern states of India. After clearing this examination, candidates can serve as teachers or lecturers in top colleges in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Tripura, and other colleges.

Many candidates meet the SLET eligibility criteria who prepare for the examination. However, only a handful of them get the desired outcome. It is because they do not have an accurate blueprint and strategic plan with them. Hence, we showcased a few effective tips that help learners ace the examination.

How to prepare effectively for SLET?

Know the syllabus pattern

In total, there are two papers that candidates have to clear. The first paper is the common one that many competitive exams have. It includes questions on aptitude, reasoning, comprehension, and general knowledge. Hence, candidates who are preparing for other competitive exams can clear SLET very easily.

The second paper is based on the candidates’ preferred subject (the subject which candidates preferred while applying). Remember that there is no negative marking for the wrong attempt of questions. So, it is advisable to attempt several questions in the paper. There is no need to hurry or get worried about attempting wrong.

Include previous year papers in your study plan

Like other examinations, to get good SLET result also requires a proper plan and efficient study resources. Among them, the previous year’s question paper is mostly preferred by toppers. Hence, solve Assam SLET’s previous year question papers available online and in bookstores. As a result, candidates can enhance their preparation strategy with a proper idea of the paper.

Also, candidates will get to know about the topic weightage in the examination. By knowing the same, candidates have the freedom to customize their study plans. So, proficient academic experts and tutors suggest previous year’s questions papers and include them into the daily study routine. It strengthens the core concepts of learners.

Attempt mock test papers

Next, the mock test must not be ignored when solving the previous year’s question papers. Attempting question papers expands the learning horizon. Also, it develops the analysis power by introducing several types of questions. There are subject specific mock test papers that have different complexity level questions.

Remember to finish one mock test paper book at a time. Do not start solving different mock test papers simultaneously. It will reduce the knowledge retention power. Hence, maintain a proper direction of study and attempt SLET mock test papers once at a time. Along with the regular revision, solving one paper a day boosts the chances of clearing the examination.

Read and revise

Finally, the major step that every exam preparation demands is reading and revision. Reading is important to understand the nature and language of the question. By doing so, candidates hone their linguistic skills and know the requirements of the question. Hence, they follow the correct approach to solve questions.

Besides, revision is essential to recall vital concepts. It is required to boost scores and get quality results in the examination. There are many candidates who are not able to complete the examination on time. Hence, they do not get the desired results. Therefore, revision reduces anxiety and boosts confidence level to attempt the question.

In a nutshell

So, the SLET examination is an important one to clear who aspires to become an educator in North-Eastern states. However, there is a tough academic competition amongst candidates. Therefore, clearing the examination becomes a challenging task. Hence, we showcased a few tips in this article to clear exam hassle free.


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