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AICTE Approved MSBTE Courses

MSBTE Courses After SSC

CodeCourse NameDuration
Architecture Group
AAArchitecture Assistantship3
 Civil Engineering Group 
CECivil Engineering3
CICivil Engineering4
CRCivil & Rural Engineering3
CSConstruction Technology3
CVCivil Engg. ( Sand-wich Pattern)4
Civil & Environmental Engineering *4
Chemical Engineering Group
CHChemical Engineering3
CGChemical Engineering4
CTChemical Technology3
PSPlastic Engineering3
Computer Engineering Group
CDComputer Engineering. (Ind. / Int.)4
CMComputer Technology3
COComputer Engineering3
IFInformation Technology3
CWComputer Science & Engineering3
CLComputer Engineering4
Electronics Engineering Group
DEDigital Electronics3
ELElectronics & Communication Engg.4
EDElectronics & Communication Engg.
(Industry Integrated)
EIElectronics Engg.( Industry Integrated)4
EJElectronics & Tele-communication Engg.3
EQElectronics & Communication Technology3
ETElectronics & Communication Engg.3
EXElectronics Engineering3
IEIndustrial Electronics3
ILIndustrial Electronics4
IUIndustrial Electronics (Sand-wich Pattern)4
MUMedical Electronics3
Electrical Engineering Group
EEElectrical Engineering3
EGElectrical Engineering4
EPElectrical Power System3
EUElectrical & Electronics (Power System)3
Instrumentation Engineering Group
ICInstrumentation & Control3
Mechanical Engineering Group
AEAutomobile Engineering.3
FEFabrication Technology Erection Engg.4
MEMechanical Engineering3
MGMechanical Engineering4
MHMechanical Engg. ( Sand-wich Pattern)4
MIMechanical Engg. ( Industry Integrated)4
MMMachine Tools & Maintenance Engineering4
PEPlant Engineering *3
PGProduction Engineering3
PTProduction Technology3
PYProduction Tech. ( Sand-wich Pattern)4
PKPackaging Technology *3
Metallurgy Engineering Group
MTMetallurgy *3
Mining Engineering Group
MNMine Engineering *3
MSMining & Mine Surveying3
MZMining Engineering3
Printing Engineering Group
PNPrinting Technology3
PCPrinting Technology4
Textile Engineering Group
DCFashion & Clothing Technology3
GTGarment Technology3
KTKnitting Technology *3
MFMan-made Fiber Manufacture *3
MOMan-made Textile Technology *3
MXMan-made Textile Chemistry *3
TXTextile Manufactures3
TCTextile Technology3
Special Engineering Group
DDDress Designing & Garment Manufacturing3
FCFood Technology3
LGLeather Goods & Footwear Tech. *3
LOLeather Technology *3
MLMedical Laboratory Technology3
TRTravel and Tourism3
Plastic Polymer Engineering *3
Sugar Manufacturing *3
Agriculture Engineering Group
AUAgricultural Engineering3
 Foreign Collaboration Group 
ATAutomotive Technology3

MSBTE Courses After HSC

HMHotel Management & Catering Technology3
SCSurface Coating Technology3
RTRubber Technology *3
Pharmacy Group
 Architecture Group 

Maharashtra Government Approved MSBTE Courses

CodeCourse NameDuration
Group 1: Architecture, Building Construction, and Interior Design
IDDiploma in Interior Designing and Decoration2
INDiploma in Interior Designing and Decoration3
EAAdvanced Diploma in Environmental Architecture1
LAAdvanced Diploma in Landscape Architecture2
PRAdvanced Diploma in Project Management in Building Construction1
IRPost Diploma in Interior Designing & Decoration1
Group 2: Computer and Information Technology
IOCertificate Course in Information Technology1
DADiploma in 3D Animation & Graphics2
HNDiploma in Computer Hardware & Networking1
CBAdvanced Diploma in Cyber Security Management1
CPAdvanced Diploma in Computer Software System Analysis & Application1
CQAdvanced Diploma in Computer Techniques.1
IAAdvanced Diploma in Information Technology1
ESAdvanced Diploma in Embedded Systems1
CXPost Diploma in Computer Maintenance Engineering1
CAPost Diploma in Computer Application1.5
CJPost Diploma in CAD/CAM1
Group 3: Industrial Safety and Fire Safety
FRDiploma in Fire Service Engineering2
FAAdvanced Diploma in Fire Safety and Industrial Environmental Engineering1
FFAdvanced Diploma in Industrial Safety and Security Management1
FSAdvanced Diploma in Fire Safety Engineering1
FUAdvanced Diploma in Fire and Security Management1
ITAdvanced Diploma in Industrial Safety1
FIPost Diploma in Fire Engineering1
EZAdvanced Diploma in Environmental Engineering1
Group 4: Management
AXAdvanced Diploma in Apparel and Merchandizing1
BAAdvanced Diploma Administration System in Buisiness2
BSAdvanced Diploma Management Sciences in Business2
CZAdvanced Diploma in Call Center Management1
EBAdvanced Diploma in Executive Business Studies1
EYAdvanced Diploma in Import Export Management1.5
IMAdvanced Diploma in Export Import Management1
FBAdvanced Diploma Business Managed in Family1
NRAdvanced Diploma in Natural Resources, Management Restoration & Sustainable1
RBAdvanced Diploma Management in Retail1
BQPost Graduate Diploma in Business Management Science1
Group 5: Beauty Culture
BCDiploma in Beauty Culture And Hair Dressing2
BYAdvanced Diploma in Beauty Culture And Hair Dressing1
Group 6: Para-Medical
OTDiploma in Operation Theatre Technician2
BXAdvanced Diploma in Blood Bank Technology & Management1
DXAdvanced Diploma in Dietetics1
HDDiploma in Hemodialysis Technician2
BTAdvanced Diploma in Blood Bank Technology & Management1.5
LXAdvanced Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.1.5
PXAdvanced Diploma in Pharmaceutical Business Management1
RXAdvanced Diploma in X-ray, Radiography and Ultra –Sonography Techniques1.5
RYAdvanced Diploma in Radiotherapy Tech.2
TAAdvanced Diploma in Technical & Analytical Chemistry1.5
CKAdvanced Diploma in Clinical Research1
MJAdvanced Diploma in Medical Image Technology2
Group 7: Travel & Tourism, and Hotel Operation
HCDiploma in Maritime Catering & Hotel Management2
HODiploma in Hotel Operation1.5
FMAdvanced Diploma in Front Office Management & Tourism1
HKAdvanced Diploma in House Keeping1
HXAdvanced Diploma in Hospitality Management1.5
SUAdvanced Diploma in Social Communication Media1
TYAdvanced Diploma in Travel & Tourism1
Group 8: Fashion Technology
DMDiploma in Dress Designing & Manufacturing2
FNDiploma in Fashion and Textile Designing3
Group 9: Specialized Courses
DVDiploma in Digital Photography & Digital Graphics.2
ERAdvanced Diploma in Energy Management & Audit.1.5
EWAdvanced Diploma in Energy Management & Audit.1
GIAdvanced Diploma in Geo-Information1
RAAdvanced Diploma in Robotics And Automation1.5
SXAdvanced Diploma in Sugar Chemical Control1
ABPost Diploma in Automobile Engineering1.5
ACPost Diploma In Refrigeration & Air Conditioning2
ARPost Diploma In Refrigeration & Air Conditioning1.5
FDPost Diploma in Foundry Technology1.5
PPPost Diploma in Paper Technology1.5
STDiploma in Stenography & Secretarial Practices2
MPAdvanced Diploma in Mechanical Maintenance of Power Plant1
EKAdvanced Diploma in Electrical Maintenance of Power Plant1
EHAdvanced Diploma in Electrical Power Transmission Maintenance1
EOAdvanced Diploma in Earth Moving and Loading Operation Equipment and Maintenance1
BODiploma course in Bamboo Technology2
Group 10: Vocational Diploma Courses (Artisan to Technocrat Scheme)
VAVocational Diploma in Automobile2
VBVocational Diploma Construction in Building2
VCVocational Diploma in Carpentry & Interior Decoration2
VDVocational Diploma Technology in Fashion2
VEVocational Diploma in Electrician2
VFVocational Diploma in Fitting2
VHVocational Diploma Catering in Hotel & Catering2
VMVocational Diploma in Machining2
VNVocational Diploma in Painting2
VPVocational Diploma in Plumbing2
VRVocational Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning2
VTVocational Diploma in Turning2
VWVocational Diploma in Welding2
Group 11: Wine & Wine Technology
WTDiploma in Fruit Processing & Wine Technology2
FWAdvance Diploma in Fermentation, Distillery and Wine Technology2
Group 12: Insurance
LIDiploma in Life Insurance2
HIDiploma in Health Insurance2
BIDiploma in Bank Insurance2
GADiploma in General Insurance2
Group 13: Foundry Technology
FHDiploma in Foundry Technology1
FODiploma in Non Ferrous Foundry Technology1
FPDiploma in CNC Operation and Programming1
FQDiploma in Casting Development and Quality Assurance1
Group 14: Foreign Collaboration
AVDiploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – Mechanical2
PMAdvanced Diploma in Project Management1
Group 15: Learn and Earn Scheme
YIDiploma in Industrial Drug Science4
YFDiploma in Food Science4
YRDiploma in Retail Management4
YSDiploma in Supply Chain & Logistic Management4
YHDiploma in Hospitality Management4


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