How to Study for the Diploma Exam?

After taking admission to any studying field every student thinks that they can cover the syllabus easily. Most of the students think of starting for an exam after a few days. But they are never able to start.

They think that they can cover the whole syllabus in one night before the exam. This kind of thinking also comes in the mind of the student who is preparing for a diploma. Is their thinking right? Are they taking this course lightly?

The diploma is one of the most professional courses in India. Nowadays students are showing their interest in this field also. The time is not like that when after the completion of SSC students were thinking to go for engineering. But some students are not having an interest in pursuing a diploma course.

But in the pressure of parents a=or society, they go for it. These types of students are not able to manage their studies. Also, some students are not able to concentrate on their studies. How can these students start studying?

Start Studying ASA

Some so many students are there who waste their precious time, at the starting of the semester. They do so because they think that they are in a new environment and try to take their time to got settle down in the environment.

They start making new friends at college. They waste their time talking to them and they don’t concentrate on their study.

These things are ok but one must also think that till what time they should do this. Everything should be ending at the right time.

They should also make sure that you are not wasting too much time. The best time to start preparing is to concentrate during the class.

When the teacher is teaching in the class one should try to listen to them. They should write down the notes which the teacher is giving in the class and should revise after reaching the home.

By doing these things one can start preparing for their exam a small portion. By doing this they can easily concentrate during the next lectures and also they will have to study less during the semester exams.

This will become a good habit in the life of the student and will help them in the future also.

Clearing Doubts Online

Most of the students prefer reading through books. It is a good habit. But sometimes they get stuck in some form or definition and they lose their interest in studying.

They think that they will continue from this part from the next day and next they again lose interest and think of doing it the next day. This cycle continues and the student is never able to get the clarity of his doubts.

This kind of student should contact their teacher regarding there doubts or one of the things which they can do is that they can use the inline mode of study. Student can google their doubt or they can watch a youtube video to clear their doubt.

This technique is very useful to clear their doubt. It is one of the fast ways of learning. The videos help the student learn easily than a lecture.

Focus on Handwriting

When you start self-studies one of the reasons you are not able to concentrate is due to your handwriting. Yes, it is true.

When we are having something properly written in our notebook then we get a spark from inside for studying. So you should try to improve your handwriting and should write beautifully when the teacher is giving you the notes.

Teach to Learn

This is one of the best ways of learning something. If you are knowing a topic nicely and you think that you can be able to teach it to your friends then you should do that.

You should start teaching your weaker friends. It will gain your knowledge and also help your friends to understand any topic.

While teaching your friends you can come around doubts which will come in their mind and if you can rectify that it will boost your confidence.

If not then you will get to learn something new that day. It will help in your revision. But you should not do this to demotivate your friends or to put them down. So you can go for this if you think you can teach someone.

Focus on Sweet Sections

This trick is something that will help you in scoring marks. The sweet section means that the topics which carry more marks. Like some chapters are having higher weightage in terms of marks.

You can concentrate on such chapters while studying. This will help you in scoring marks and also will give you confidence.

You can ask your teacher about these topics or you can also see the previous papers to get knowledge about the important topics.

Previous Papers

As mentioned above you can use previous papers to get the idea of the kind of questions that are being asked in the exam.

You can go through the previous year’s question paper and model answer papers to know the amount of toughness of the exam and whether you are prepared for solving the paper in the given amount of time or not.

Study During Vacation Time

Well, some students will think that this is a weird point. Vacations are meant for playing and doing crazy things.

During the vacation, there is no need to study. But my dear friends you are wrong. You can use your vacation to study more and more.

This will release your stress before the exam and you can see how much you are prepared yourself.

It is not necessary to study the whole time during the vacation. But one should at least try to study for around 5 to 6 hours daily.

This will help you in keeping your focus on your studies. Otherwise, after the vacation when you will try to study you will not be able to concentrate on it. You will not get the link that you used to get earlier.

Stop Postponing Things

The main reason behind the success of many legends is that they never put their work on hold. They do not say that they will start a particular thing from tomorrow.

Whatever they do they do as soon as it comes into their mind. Most of the students are having a problem with delaying things. They think of starting studying from a particular date but they fail to start from that date.

This behavior of postponing things can be rectified by self-discipline and hard work. One has to put some effort from there side to stop delaying there work.

Making Studious Friends

Friends are the relation which we choose by our side. So you should try to make some friends who are good in studies. This will help you to get motivated every time.

The studious guys will most of the time only talk about the studies which will help you to be in the environment of studying. They will also keep a look at whether you are studying properly or not.


Getting good marks and college for higher studies is in your hand. If you start preparing for your study from today this will help for your better tomorrow.

No one is there in this world who can teach you everything. You are the one who can learn anything by your efforts and by doing more and more self-study.


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