How to Cope with Exam Stress

The exam is one part of everyone’s life. In our life, we all had to give exams in our school graduation days. Our career path is decided by the results of exams. From our school days, our parents & teachers fit one thing in our mind: i.e. our overall life depends on the exam & its excellent results.” If you pass with good marks, you will get a good job!” It fit this line in our brain.

Because of all these perceptions, we feel exam stress, which is normal & natural. This stress comes because we are worried about how well we do in exams! We also feel like we are unprepared or we are losing whatever we learned.

When exams come near, we think like we have less time to study. This constant thinking causes stress. This stress is our response to pressure. But sometimes this small amount of pressure may help us focus on the exam.

Which type of stress do we feel during exam days?

  • We feel moody, stressed & pressurized.
  • Sometimes, there is a feeling of losing our friends because of less contact with them.
  • We always get hungry or some students are not in the mood of eating.
  • We face trouble in decision-making. We do not understand what to do & what not to do.
  • We get confused about which subject should we study first? So, this can also cause stress.
  • Some students lose appetite because of overeating & tension.
  • Poor sleep & difficulty in getting out of bed.
  • We also face difficulty getting motivated for exam preparation.
  • Our hands get clammy & always there are butterflies in our stomach.
  • We also feel health-related problems like headaches, muscle pain & temperature because of overthinking & stress.
  • In the exam period, we are so confused about everything.

But, did you ever think about why we get so much stress? There are so many reasons behind it. Some reasons are natural, like uncontrollable. But some things are in our hand.

We get stress because,

  • We feel like we are unprepared for the exam & we have less time to study.
  • We also face difficulty in understanding what we are studying.
  • There is stress about how well we will do in the exam.
  • In the exam period, we need to study & learn a lot of things in a single time.
  • There is also pressure from family, college, school.
  • Our next career path depends on the particular exam result.
  • We also face difficulty in recalling large amounts of things in our mind.

These are things which can cause stress. But it’s important to manage this stress in the exam period. Because we do not manage stress, it can harm our exam. If we want to get good marks, we have to study in a healthy and stress-free environment.

Here are some ways which can help you cope with stress in the exam period.

As we know, what we think can affect our life. If we think positive, then everything will happen smoothly & better. But our negative thoughts can make things worse. So, it is of utmost important to manage things properly & positively.

1. Eat Healthy Food

Eating good & home-cooked food is important in the period of stress. Nutritious food keeps mental health good.

If we eat home-cooked food, then there is no chance of getting sick. So, it is important to eat well.

2. Do Exercise & Meditation

Exercise helps to release stress, tension & anxiety. Exercise helps to bump out overall growth of your brain activities.

It helps to increase the sense of wellbeing. Meditation is one of the best productive activities, which helps us to stay cool and happy.

Doing meditation in the exam period can help to release stress & makes us more productive & active.

3. Make a Proper Timetable

Prioritize time for different subjects & daily activities. We can make timetables like, on what day which subject we are going to study or In the total daily hours how much time we are going to give for a particular subject.

So, this can help us to understand how much time we will require for study. So, this can also give time for revision & we won’t get any surprises before the exam.

4. Stay Away from Social Media

Sometimes social media can cause negativity. So, it may add more stress to our mind. We also spend more time on social media.

Checking the latest updates on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp can affect our timetable. So, stepping away from social media makes wonders in our life.

5. Stay Positive and Confident

Keeping yourself happy & positive can help to study well. How we think may affect what is going to happen. so, if we think positive, healthy we can grasp more and we can do well on the exams.

Confidence may help you feel good & motivated. Positivity also helps to boost our mood and thinking about the previous positive experiences helps to boost our confidence.

6. Give Mock Exams

As we know, practice makes us perfect! So, practising and solving question papers before the exam helps to release tension, and it also helps to boost our confidence. Our practise before the exams can generate the best output.

7. Change Your Perspective

Less worrying can convert to a positive advantage. If we can change the perspective of looking at things, we \ may get better results.

If we live kindly to ourselves during periods of acute anxiety, it is likely to give us more motivation to work harder, so take a little time out from revision to pamper yourself and catch up with our nearest and dearest.

8. Don’t Read Before Exam Time

When there are a few minutes left to start your exam, try to stay calm. Don’t remember things again and again.

If you remember nothing you may get stress and you will feel uncomfortable. So, it can affect your paper. To forget everything. So, try to avoid such things and discussions.

So, these are the things which help you stay away from exam stress. If you follow these things you will see better results.

Taking stress is not good for us. We can see that because of coronavirus everything is shut down. Everything is shattered. So the government is still in discussion to take or not take final year exams.

Such things can give stress to students. Students are confused about whether to study or not. In such times, to keep yourself calm, healthy is important.

If we think positively it can help us stay healthy and stress-free. Situations are not in our hands but facing the situations is in our hands.

So stay free! Stay happy! Stay stress-free! You will rock in the exam.


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