Career Options after Diploma in Computer Engineering

In India, most of the students after completing their SSC start thinking about what they should do next.

They are not familiar with future trends and are not knowing what they will do in the coming years.

For these students, I want to say that you can look up to computer engineering for your future.

With the increase in the use of computers, networking, internet surely the future lies inside computer technology.

So one should ask how can they build their future in computer technology.

For them, I want to say you need not have to worry about anything.

I will tell you how you can get exposure to computer engineering.

After completing your SSC most of the students prefer studying for HSC. After that, they take admission in B.E or B.Tech and choose computer science of computer engineering branch.

Those students who not prefer to go for HSC think that they cannot do computer engineering. But these students are wrong.

So how can these students get the opportunity to study computer engineering? These students can do a diploma in computer engineering after their HSC.

One more question will arise in the mind of the students that what topic they will study in this course.

For them, I want to tell you that there are no. of topics which you can study in this course.

You can make your future in any of the domain which you are comfortable with.

Web Development

The very first domain in which you can work on is web development.

In this, you will be able to learn the subsistence and building of a website.

In this, you will use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular in the client PHP, Java, Python in the server. Students can work in the corporate sector, government sector, freelancer, MSMEs, consultant in other various fields.

Big Data Engineer

Big data engineer are the one who plays a major role in testing, building, and maintaining big data ecosystem for the business.

Big data engineers should possess analytical skills, data visualization skills, problem-solving skills, data mining skills, etc.

Python is the most popular language which is being used by big data engineers.

Most of the engineers working with Netflix, Amazon, Spotify are hired because they are comfortable with big data engineering.

Apart from this, in the Hadoop framework, Apache Spark is very much popular in roles involving big data analytics.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In the future, one thing which is going to be used by many corporate is machine learning.

Humans will be able to contact and interact with each other in the language of their through AIML. It can easily fill the gaps in human communication.

It increases the productivity of the job.  The most highly used AI programming languages are LISP, Python, C++, Java, Prolog. In these Python leads with unparalleled community support.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst is one of the other major roles which are played by computer engineers.

Someone who can collect data and can process and perform the statistical analysis is called a data analyst.

A data analyst must be familiar with structured language query(SQL).

They should also understand the basics of R language and Python.

Apart from this, they should also posses data visualization skills.

Software Developer

For the one who loves coding can prefer to become a software developer. In the IT sector, the demand for software developers is very high.

Software developer develops numerous software and application on keeping in mind of the user.

A software developer should have the mathematical aptitude, problem-solving skills, should know programming languages, Should possess time management skills.

They should know the advanced level of C, C++, Java, Python, Scala, and other languages.

Database Administrator

The job role of database administrators is to focus on the database of the company or organization. They use specialized software to store data.

They should be able to work in such a way that the data are available to the user and also it should be secured so that a third party cannot access that confidential data.

Microsoft SQL, Oracle database, IBM’s DB2 are the dominant database language that one should possess to become a successful database administrator.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts install software to protect computer networks. They take security measures to protect the organization’s computer network and system. Since day by day, the no. of cyberattacks are increasing the need for information security analyst is also increasing.

Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is the one who can develop both client and server software.

Their main responsibility is to design user interactions on the website and developing servers and database so that one can easily use this platform.

A full-stack developer should know JavaScript, Jquery, Angular to program a browser.

For programming servers and databases, they should be able to use PHP, ASP, Python, SQL, SQLite.

Computer Network Architect

For making plans and preparing for layouts for a data communication network, computer network architects are used.

It includes WANs, LANs, and intranets. A computer architect is also responsible for maintaining data and making together new components so that they can help to run the business systems more efficiently.


So after getting a degree in computer engineering one can get a job in an IT company easily. As the use of mobile phones are getting bigger these days so the need for a software developer is very high.

Future in Different Sectors

If you are thinking about joining the armed forces after getting the degree then you can also go for it. 

Since the Indian armed forces are becoming more and more technology-driven you can easily apply for it. 

Thousands of candidates are being recruited by Army, Navy, and Air force every year.

Future in PSUs

Many PSUs like Oil and natural gas corporation(ONGC), Bharat electronics limited(BEL), Hindustan Aeronautical Limited(HAL), Ordnance Factory Of India, and other public sector units recruit candidates belonging to computer engineer background.

Options for Higher Studies

If you are not willing to work and want to opt for post-graduation then you can pursue M.Tech or M.S in computer engineering.

Usually, M.Tech is a 2-year course and M.S is a 3-year long course.

After students can find a job in both private and public sector firms.

One can also do a Ph.D. if you are interested in the research field. Generally, it is a 5-year integrated course which involves two years of course and three years of research work.

Self Dependent

If you are interested in business or want to become an entrepreneur then you can also go in this field after getting a degree. Otherwise, you can go for an MBA course.

This course is most helpful for students who are inclined towards business and management.

Most of the companies allow a higher range of salary for the candidates who are from an MBA background.

So now you are aware of the future and scope after you opt to study computer engineering, I think you will choose your further career wisely.

Since technology is changing rapidly you should know in which field you are interested in and plan your career according to that.


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